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Accelar8 Driving Academy

NZTA & NZIDE Approved Driving Academy
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Learners to Restricted Licence

Accelar8 Driving Academy offer anybody on their learners licence lessons to learn and build confidence in driving. The instructor will first assess the student to see where their confidence currently stands and then will advise on the course of action required to make learning to drive hassel free. We also offer mock tests, this is when someone on their learners licence can sit a mock test that will cover the material required to pass and obtain their restricted licence.

Restricted to Full Licence

Accelar8 Driving Academy provides customers with the opportunity to sit mock tests, which accurately simulate the official test, providing customers with an honest and reliable opinion to strengthen their driving skills and pass the official test on the first attempt. The driving instructor will highlight the test requirements.

International to Full Licence

Accelar8 Driving Academy can provide mock tests and a thorough analysis on the requirements for converting an international licence to a recognized New Zealand Drivers Licence. Furthermore, we can provide further information as to the steps required in the process.





Our primary objectives are to provide affordable driving lessons in an easy and comfortable environment for people progressing towards their restricted & full drivers licence in Central Auckland, New Zealand. 

Founded in 2010, Ahmed is a qualified driving instructor, approved by NZTA & NZIDE. He has been teaching people how to drive for a long period of time, finding his passion by first teaching his kids. He has now helped more than 200+ people pass their restricted and full driver licence test. 

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Name: Ahmed Mitha


Mobile: 0211333579

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